• Cat 3D Sterling Silver Charm / Charms
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Charm Packaging

Please note: Purchases of multiple charms are dispatched in one hard shell charm box. Additional charm boxes or organza bags are available to purchase at 25p each. Please type in 'extra' or 'organza' in the Quick Search.

Charm measures approx 5 x 18 x 17mm and weighs approx 4.3 grams. Sterling silver. Price per charm. Supplied with a sterling silver open jump ring.

A copyright and trademarked charm.


Celtic Zodiac Date of Birth: July 8 - August 4
Animal: Cat
Gaelic Name: Kati (Approximate pronunciation: ka-Chi.) Ruling Planet: Earth
Key Words: Creative, Sensual, Nobility
Gift Quality or Ability: Cat people have a strong sense of personal integrity
and a firm set of values.  Loyal and trustworthy.  Deep devotion to family. 
Protection, shape shifting and sensitivity to the other world.
Compatibility:  Harmonious relations with the signs of owl and bear.  Will also 
relate well to the signs of the crane, bee, and swan. Difficulties may be
expected in relation to all other signs.


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