• Chinese Coolie 3D Sterling Silver Charm
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Charm Packaging

Please note: Purchases of multiple charms are dispatched in one hard shell charm box. Additional charm boxes or organza bags are available to purchase at 25p each. Please type in 'extra' or 'organza' in the Quick Search.

Measures approx 4 x 16 x 19mm and weighs approx 2.6 grams. Sterling silver.

Chinese coolies formed the early backbone of Singapore's labour force, engaged mainly in hard physical labour. Coolie comes from the Chinese word ku-li meaning "hard labour". Ku also means "bitter". The coolie was thus, a picture of the hard and bitter life in early Singapore. They were mainly impoverished Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore in the later half of the 19th century, seeking their fortune but serving instead as indentured, unskilled labourers. Coolies were employed in almost every sector of work including construction work, plantation work, in ports and mines and as rickshaw pullers.

 Exclusively available on-line with Jewellery Enchantments. Made in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, England. All BTC charms are plain sterling silver finish and of the highest quality workmanship.

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions these charms may not be resold on-line to futher an commercial purpose.


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