• 50cm Rope Sterling Silver Chain, 2.8g
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Please note: Purchases of multiple charms are dispatched in one hard shell charm box. Additional charm boxes or organza bags are available to purchase at 25p each. Please type in 'extra' or 'organza' in the Quick Search.


1.3mm dia. x 20" in length, approx 2.8 grammes. Closes with a lobster claw clasp. Sterling silver.

Rope chains are formed from twisted strands similar in appearance to twisted corded, the strength is provided by solid links making a strong chain suitable for pendants, even those that exceed 3g in weight and pretty worn alone.

Rope Chain knots: due to the construction of rope chain links, these chains can 'knot 'and when they do so, the lump has the apprearance of being created by the links being soldered together, but this is not the case. The links have simply 'locked' into other links and they need to be freed. This has been known to happen on the delivery of a Rope chain where the movement during delivery has caused the links of the chain to be 'pushed back' into other links.  It can also happen if a rope chain is dangled down and coiled onto a surface when the chain is removed after wearing.

The following pictured knots were created by us, by pushing the links backwards into the links behind and the lumps are solid in nature and they do appear to be soldered together as a lump. To free the links, simply place a finger and thumb both sides of the knot and wiggle the trapped links further into the knot 'to unlock them' and then 'snap' the chain by pulling backwards with both hands to free the locked links. Repeat until all the 'locked' linked are free.  Whilst it may appear the above method is not working on the first wiggle and snap, it can take three of four actions to unlock all the 'locked' links. A gentle touch is not required! Rope chains are very strong chains and IF you break the chain whilst removing a knot, we will replace the chain!  Rope chains remain one of the prettiest and strongest chains available, and their ability to 'lock' does not occur during normal wear, but it can occur during storage, so we have provided these instructions to assist customers with ensuring the long life of their Rope Chains and in deference to all discarded Rope Chains that customers believe are unwearable.



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