• How to fit Split Rings
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How to fit split rings using Split Ring Tweezers

Locate the end of the split ring so that the end is on the left. Slide the long piece of the tweezers through the split ring and close the tweezers together, so the point on the tweezers forces apart the Split Ring close to the end of the ring


Catch the open end of the Split Ring onto the bracelet link/s. Slide the split ring on sideways to the bracelet link.


Remove the Tweezers and gently feed the Split Ring onto the links until the entire Split Rings hangs freely on the link.


Please note that Split Rings are to be used instead of the Open Jump Ring supplied with many charms. Remove everything that is attached to the charm before fitting to the split ring.  Only the actual 'eye ring' of the charm should be threaded onto the Split Ring.

Turn the eye of the charm, catching the end of the Split Ring. Slide the charm slowly and evenly between the two rings of the Split Ring.


Twist the charm gently to catch the eye onto the end of the Split Ring and gentle twist the charm onto the split ring. Pinch the Split Ring as you gently work the charm around the Split Ring, pushing back the Split Ring as it is fitted. On reaching the other end of the Split Ring, slightly twist the charm eye to pull back together the ends of the Split Ring.


The Split Ring should be as 'closed' as the one in the picture above.

If your Split Ring is 'gapping' slightly, once the charm is fitted, hold the split ring in your fingers and gently twist the charm eye sharply to the left and to the right to force the ends of the Split Ring back against the main body of the Split Ring.If your Split Rings is 'gapping' after the charm has been fitted, then the chances are you forced the Split Ring too far apart as you twisted the charm around the ring. Remember to 'pinch' the ring with your left hand, as you gentle work the charm onto the ring.  Our Split Rings are Sterling Silver, a 'soft' metal, Split Rings need slow and gentle movements.

Split Rings tighten with wear. As charms hang and twist around quite naturally, the charms will tighten the split rings.
If your Split Ring is 'gapping'  horribly then the links of your bracelet may well be too 'thick' for the Split Rings. All the charm bracelets we sell will happily take Split Rings, but some bracelets, sold as 'Charm Bracelets', are not really charm bracelets. A Charm Bracelet should be strong enough to hold a collection of charms, but the bracelet itself, should be 'but a holder for charms' and should 'disappear' once the charms are fitted. The bracelets sold as 'charm bracelets' in some catalogue shops are NOT suitable for attaching charms too. As a guide, never choose a bracelet with links that are over 2mm in thickness. Not only will this struggle to accomodate Split Rings, they will also struggle to accomodate descreetly size jump rings and the rings and the bracelet will over power the charm collection.


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