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Most frequently asked questions

'Please e-mail us and provide a landline telephone number and we will call you to assist or call us on 01249-443695. 

Please be aware that whilst we often assist customers with Pay Pal difficulties, these difficulties are more often as a result of important security restrictions put in place to protect the card holder and are seldom as a result of an actual issue with Pay Pal or a specific Credit Card. We can not process Credit Cards over the telephone, but we can assist to resolve any issues.'

We do not offer product discounts from our Retail Web Site. 

Please take a moment to look at our reviews. This should provide a good overview of who we are and what others think of of products and service.

Email us via the contact form (at the bottom of the page) or call us on 01249-443715

We can not provide any guarantees that the quantity of stock available is always completely true, we try our very best to ensure this is correct.

The quantity column states how many items we have in stock at any one time. We hold higher levels of stock for the most popular items. 
Due to the quantity of new products added weekly, a printed catalogue would be out of date before it reached the printers and therefore, we do not produce a printed catalogue.
If an item is showing a stock level of zero it means the item is due in within seven working days. All items that will take longer to re-stock are temporarily hidden from our customers view. Please e-mail use the contact form and we will notify you as soon as new stock arrived.