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Charm Packaging

Please note: Purchases of multiple charms are dispatched in one hard shell charm box. Additional charm boxes or organza bags are available to purchase at 25p each. Please type in 'extra' or 'organza' in the Quick Search.

Setting Charms To A Charm Bracelet or Necklace

Charms really do have their own set place on a charm bracelet. Regardless of the charms you choose, if you apply the simplest of rules, each charm will have a set place.

Left-handed people should set their charms with the clasp on the right! The bracelet pictured below is set for a right handed person.

1) The odd one out. With an odd number of charms, there is usually an 'odd one out' in a selection of charms. If this is a larger charm, or the only charm with colour or movement, then this charm sits in the centre. The only break in this 'rule', would be where the coloured charm is a small charm, and then the charm may have more impact if it is set on the link next to the bracelet clasp.

2) Directional Charms. Faces should look into the centre of the bracelet.

3) Charms That Need protection. Movable Charms that have individual hanging pieces, such as the Letter Keys, or a long thin charm, such as P1207 Flute and longer crystal set charms, such as Swarovski Birthstone Angels, appreciate the support and protection of other charms nearer the centre of the bracelet. These charms should never be placed near the ends of the bracelet, where they can be 'squished' by the palm of a hand, (or stick into the palm of the hand).

4) Weight Balance. The completed bracelet must balance in weight on both sides of the bracelet. An unbalanced bracelet will cause the charms to cluster and pull back behind the wrist. A balanced bracelet will naturally sit over the top of the hand and the charms will fall around the entire bracelet. Therefore, in the bracelet below, the Chocolate Box must pair on the same side of the centre with the Gingerbread Men and the Shell must pair with the Letter Keys. These pairings create not only a weight blance, but also a sizing balance, to the bracelet.

And so the Palette is the centre charm, the movable charms appreciate the support and protection, so they are placed between the centre charm and the Chocolates and the Shell, and that just leaves the small Snail and the Bee. The Snail must be set to face inwards, so that leaves the Bee as it's right side opposite partner. As the Shell is movable, albeit a more robust movable charm, it should not be placed so it might be 'squished' by the palm, as this could cause the charm to be opened inadvertantly, so the Snail and the Bee sit appropriately at the ends of the bracelet.

And that is how charms place themselves on a bracelet  :o)


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