How to create other personalised items

  • How to create other personalised items
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Charm Packaging

Please note: Purchases of multiple charms are dispatched in one hard shell charm box. Additional charm boxes or organza bags are available to purchase at 25p each. Please type in 'extra' or 'organza' in the Quick Search.

Charms ~ Miniature Memories.

Creating A Unique And Special Piece;

We are happy to create personalised pieces for customers, there is no charge for this service.  Charm brooches, Key Rings and bookmarks may be created from our web site, but if this leaves you confused, or your wanting something else, then simply e-mail and place your requirements in an e-mail.

All you need to create a personal piece are the charms and accessories. The designing and creation is a free service.

Simply choose the piece you would like your charms attached too, add one *Split Ring for each charm chosen, complete your purchase with a *Presentation Box and we will send your piece complete, as the very personal gift you wish it to be.

(Please note, that regardless of circumstances, we will not dispatch items with charms attached without the appropriate presentation box to ensure safe delivery.

Important Hints & Tips

Charm to Pendant  When wanting to wear a Charm as a pendant on a chain, you will need a Chain Bail. Charms are supplied with an Open Jump Ring, but these are not soldered close and chains will wiggle free through the open ring. Chain Bails or Split Rings are available in our Store and start at 35p each.

When a Charm, Chain, Bail and  Box (code 40437) are purchased together, we will send the complete pendant necklace made and sat in the presentation box. Please clearly state at checkout which items are to be worn as a pendant necklace, especially when your shopping cart contains several items. (Due to the minimum cost of £3.00 in stamps to post box 40437, we can no longer supply the boxes free of charge but must make a charge to cover the additional postage cost).

Charms to Earrings  We are happy to mount Earrings Mounts.  3D Charms or un-directional charms are best suited for earrings. Please consider how the earrings will look if, for example, do the charms face only to the right. When Charms and Earrings Mounts are purchased together, we will send the completed earrings in a blue hard shell box, or you may purchase velvet box 40437. Please state at checkout which items are to be worn as earrings, especially when your shopping cart contains several items.

Charm Bookmark  generally one charm would be attached to a bookmark, however, we can add up to three charms, depending on the charm sizing. 

Charm Brooch only one charm per attachment loop is possible. We do stock timy 3mm Swarovski Crystals if you are wanting to add colour, be it a favourite colour or birthstone.

Enamel Charms and Gem Stone Charms can add a warmth of colour to a bracelet. We will  evenly distribute these charms. A single coloured heart charm looks pretty set onto the clasp link of the bracelet. Attached with a very tiny Split Ring, this charm often 'finishes' a bracelet. Our Enamel charms are kiln fired glass enamel, accept those coded PIC.

All personalised items, items altered at the request of the customer, are non-returnable.


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