Choosing The Right Charm Bracelet

Choosing The Right Charm Bracelet

In the 1960's charm bracelets were very popular and many people remember the large chunky bracelets their grandmothers and aunts used to wear. Memories are often related to the noise the bracelets made. Whilst these charm bracelets are still available, there are now available, a wide range of bracelets that can provide a much more delicate appearance, that is much more suited to today's younger generation. With so many choices available, this guide seeks to explain the choices, so that you can find a charm bracelet more suited to you, from both a practical and visual point of view. As with all our reviews, they are written honestly and provide the disadvanges, as well as the advantages.

Heart Padlock Charm Bracelets

This bracelet is the most traditional of charm bracelets. The links may be as 'thick' as those from the 60's, but are also available with much 'finer' links giving a more delicate appearance. The padlock 'catches' both loops at the ends of the chain, locking the bracelet closed. The Padlock is held in place by a fine safety chain.

Whilst appearing to be the most secure of charm bracelets, these bracelets can present problems. The safety chain, when the padlock is closed, hangs down and this can be caught, often resulting in the snapping of the safety chain. As the security of the bracelet is dependant upon the safety chain, this perhaps is not the bracelet of choice if the bracelet is to be worn every day.

Heart Padlock Bracelets are designed with adjustable padlock clasps.The lock has a U-bend closure that locks into the padlock. Through the life of the bracelet, this u-bend may require adjusting, especially after charms are initially added to the bracelet. To tighten the lock, the u-bend needs opening slightly and this can be acheived by sliding a finger nail into the u-bend. If the locks become too tight, the u-bend will require closing. To close the u-bend, push the u-bend between a finger and thumb. Adding charms to the bracelet will cause the lock to tighten, so when dispatched, the bracelet do not close tightly.

These bracelets are the most expensive to purchase, due to the workmanship required to create the padlock. Those sold by Jewellery Enchantments are produced in the UK. The bracelets require a Bangle Box rather than a Bracelet box, which are not supplied with the bracelets as standard, but are available to purchase seperately in our store.

Double Link Parellel Curb Charm Bracelet

The links on this bracelet are formed by two parellel curb links, providing a very strong and durable bracelet, that will hold the most charms. The 5", 6", 7", 7.5" and 8" bracelets available from Jewellery Enchantments have a soldered clasp and close with a strong lobster claw clasp. Like our 9" bracelet, this style of bracelet is often produced by hand, from metres of chain. When making a price comparison, the soldered clasp provides a much stronger and more durable bracelet, capable of holding over 100 grams of charms.

At just 4mm wide, the bracelet 'disappears' making the charms more prominent. The Heart Padlock Bracelets, by nature of their design, are more prominent than the actual charms on the bracelet. In addition, aiding the illusion, this bracelet requires 5mm Split Rings, providing the smallest of rings to attach the charms. Therefore, the bracelet and the rings attaching the charms do not 'over-shadow' the charms themselves.

This is the perfect bracelet for a baby (5") and a small child (6") as the bracelet is both strong and durable and well suited to little fingers that like to fiddle. Along with the Fine Figure 8 Bracelet, described below, we would consider this to be the charm bracelet that provides the best value, strength, durability and has the added advantage of being much less 'chunky' than traditional bracelets from the 60's, but strong enough to hold charms of any weight.

The disadvange of this bracelet is that it's size is 'set' by the soldered clasp. Whilst the catch will close on a bracelet link further away from the clasp, to make the bracelet shorter, the end that dangles down has a soldered clasp attached. So in the long term, this bracelet does not look as pretty when attempting to make the bracelet smaller. Many customers buying for a Christening or a younger child's birthday will choose a 7" bracelet so that the bracelet will fit into adulthood, but this bracelet is very unforgiving and can no more be lengthened, as it can be shortened. Those sold by Jewellery Enchantments are made in Italy and are minisimal stamped on both clasp ends.  

Toggle Bar Bracelets

Toggle Bar bracelets are closed by a bar sliding into a loop. These bracelets are very popular. These too are formed from two parallel links, providing strength and durability. The designs of these bracelets is very modern, they are the easiest of bracelets for the wearer to close, and the alternating diamond cut small links make this bracelet exceptional pretty.

The disadvanges are that these bracelets will hold a maximum of twenty charms, which leaves them one charm lacking for twenty-first birthday bracelets :o) We also recommend the bracelet is not wholly filled with charms over 2 grams in weight, as a whole collection of heavy charms can cause the toggle bar to slip back through the loop. However, that said, these bracelets are very pretty and add a thoughly modern 'twist' to the  traditional charm bracelet. These bracelets are pretty worn alone without charms.

 Figure 8 Bracelets

If your looking for a more delicate bracelet, that is just as strong and durable as a Double Link Charm bracelet, the Figure 8 Bracelets provide the perfect answer. Figure 8 bracelets are available in two sizes, one being finer than the other.

The finer have soldered clasp ends and a strong lobster claw clasp. They are suitable for charms of 2 grams or less, however, the suggested weight of the charms is also relevant to the size of the charms, and this bracelet better lends itself to smaller charms, keeping the charms proportional in appearance to the bracelet itself.

Also available is a Figure 8 with much wider links. These do not have soldered clasps, as they are handmade, but they close with a strong lobster claw clasp and are suited to slightly larger charms than the finer version. 

These bracelets are both just as pretty set with just one charm and do not look as if they are 'incomplete' with just one charm centrally placed. This provides an exceptionally economical present for anyone who is looking to add to the bracelet on future birthdays or for a bracelet created for a special occasion, such as a 21st Birthday, where just a 21 charm is wanted.

The disadvange of the Finer bracelet is that it's size is 'set by the soldered clasp. Whilst the catch will close on a bracelet link further away from the clasp, to make the bracelet shorter, the end that dangles down has a soldered clasp attached.  However, the wider bracelet can be made smaller by simply removing links, so if the size of wrist is unknown, the wider 8" Figure 8 is the perfect answer.The finer bracelets are made in Italy and are minisimal marked on both clasps.

 Belcher & Paper Link Bracelets

Simple and inexpensive, Belcher and Paper Link Bracelets provide a bracelet suitable for small size charms, or a bracelet upon which just one charm can be set. Both have soldered clasps, close with lobster claw clasps, are made in Italy and minimsimal marked. Gifts do not always need to be expensive, but are better appreciated when they are thoughtful. For as little as £8.85, set with one poignant charm, dispatched complete in a velvet bracelet box, these bracelets are perfectly simple and inexpensive. These bracelets are not suitable for charms over 3 grams in weight, nor are the suitable for a large collection of charms. The above bracelet was created by us from a customers personal choice of charms. As can be seen in the above picture, whilst we recommend smaller charms on some of the bracelets available, this does not have to limited the choice of charms available from our store, it just simply means that the bracelet is better suited if charms with a higher weight are avoided.  

*Due to the number of charm bracelets that we dispatch, with charms attached, our charm bracelets are not supplied, nor priced to include, bracelet or bangle boxes. This is because the addition of Split Rings and a Presentation box added to a shopping cart, indicates that the bracelet is to be completed before dispatch, which would result in customers paying twice for a box. Therefore, if you purchase bracelets that you want to make up yourself, you will need to purchase a box from our store, if required. Purchases of Bangles are supplied in a hard shell burgundy box to ensure safe delivery and these boxes are quite suitable to give as a gift, but when several bangles are purchased, they will all be dispatched in one hard shell box. 

If you would like further assistance, please do not hesitate to to ring us on 01249-443695 or e-mail us at, we are always happy to assist.

Please note, that where Jewellery Enchantments have attached charms to a bracelet, before dispatch, customers must ensure they have the correct size bracelet. We can not exchange bracelets where charms have been fitted and the bracelet is discovered to be too small, as the goods can not be resold as 'new'.