Creating a charm bracelet from our store

1) Choose the bracelet or charm holder  of your choice.

In choosing a bracelet, it is the wrist size + 1/2" ~ as a guide: 5" are for babies and toddlers, 6" are for children up to 9 years old, 7" bracelets are for children over 9 years old and adults with a dress size of 8 to 12. 7.5" bracelets are for adults with a dress size of 14 to 16 and 8" for adults with a dress size of 18 and above. 

Please note, that where Jewellery Enchantments have attached charms to a bracelet, before dispatch, customers must ensure they have the correct size bracelet. We can not exchange bracelets where charms have been fitted and the bracelet is discovered to be too small, as the goods can not be resold as 'new'.

2) Choose the charms of your choice

Please do not worry too much about your choices, if you pick a charm where an alternative model or size would be better, we will e-mail and advise. 

3) Add one Split Ring for each charm that needs attaching. 

Simply place the code HMCBSR  into the Quick Search bar. Click the Buy Now button. View your shopping cart, change the quantity of Split Rings from 1 too as many as are needed, and then click 'Up-date Cart' at the bottom of the shopping cart.

4) Add the Presentation Box to your cart, order code HMCBPB.

Please remember to lets us know in the message box if you would like a specific box, i.e. a white box for Weddings, Christenings and Confirmations.

With the two items codes added to your cart your bracelet will be dispatched with the charms attached and presented in a presentation box automatically.

Please remember, 90% of the time, customers charm choices 'create' their own placement on the bracelet.  

Faces look into the center and so do initials / Coloured charms are always placed evenly and heavier charms must be placed evenly each side of the center.

So please remember that if you set the order of the charms, we can not make any guarantees the bracelet will balance (if unbalanced a bracelet will 'clump' behind the wrist).  We will automatically space the charms evenly, distributing any colour appropriately.