Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

The only information we collect from our customers is that information required to process an order and to complete our company accounts (core business application). We will not collect, store or divulge any data for any other purpose. However, where a bad debt is incurred we will pass personal information and details of the debt on to a Debt Collection Agency of our choice. 

JewelleryEnchantments does not send periodical e-mails to customers regarding new products. We believe customers are entitled to their privacy and to access our web site when they choose to, without a bombardment of promotional e-mails.  

We do not carry SpyWare on our web site, however, for security purposes, our web site does collect IP Address information. (see Cookies below).  This is soley used as a security check by ourselves to ensure that that the same IP address is used for orders and for payments.

We do not have access to information collected by PayPal. Please see their web site for information on their privacy policies. Please see our Security page for the relevant SSL Certificates relating to the security of our web site.



Our website uses essential cookies only to: 

  • remember items in a shopping basket
  • essential security measures
  • for quick loading and distribution of content
  • allow registered members ability to log-in to their accounts

You can block any cookies from any website through your browser settings. However blocking essential cookies will prevent our website from working properly.

Please note that if your security settings are set to high, this may cause problems for registered members staying logged-in to their account as a cookies is required to confirm your IP address. Without the essential cookies needed, registered customers will not remain logged-in to their account. Please either lower your security settings to 'Medium' whilst visiting our website, or e-mail us to request removal of your account, so that you can continue as a 'Guest' customer with High set security settings. 


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites. Some of these cookies are essential for a website to function correctly